Hope 2 Oban

Friday, 14 October 2011

Just when Zoooom! thought they were heading home......

Just when we thought it was time to go home, a Zoooom! opportunity arose to visit Glasgow-based Radio and TV Kilimanjaro. This is an organisation that is committed to empowering, supporting and echoing the voice of the African communities/individuals and businesses/organizations in Scotland. The group met with Messrs Beltus and Guy, who gave us a tour of the premises and shared their vision for the future of RKTV. We also were heard live (albeit briefly) on the radio with DJ, Godfather Marshall Talisman. Lots of fun and an insight to many of the challenges met by some folks within the Scottish community. A big thank you to all who made us so welcome.
Quite an organisation!

Zoooom!-ing to the City

What a great, busy, fun-packed and worthwhile day members of Zoooom! had during the recent photo trip to Glasgow.
With an early start, the 'big smoke' was reached with enough time to click around Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum AND the new Riverside Transport Museum. Many of the group (including one leader!) had never been to the magnificant building that houses this exclusive collection at Kelvingrove.
On to the Riverside and the excitement and buzz of the newly-housed collection of transport classics from road, rail, air and sea. Housed in the spectacularly unique building on the banks of the River Clyde, once more, Zoooom!-ers had a ball spending time with their pals and with cameras.
Next on the Zoooom! agenda is a sale of super-zoooom! photos at The Well (H2O's base) on Saturday 26th November, to raise funds towards our summertime exhibition, ARGYLL - Awesome, Rural, Gateway, Youthful Land of Light!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Club H2O consider what we have and what we had!

The older members of our intergenarational initiative, Club H2O, met with Bill Leech of Oban's War and Peace Museum this week. Time together was taken to consider life around 1946 post-war Britain and the little we had then as oppose to all we have now. Rations were on display as part of the chat, with a week's worth including a small pat of butter, small helping of cheese, 2 pints of milk, 3 chops and 2 rashers of bacon per week.
Discussions took place on who might, maybe, just fit the clothes of the day (for ladies 23" waist and 36" hips) with the decision to 'move on' the conversation being wisely taken. A splendid time was had and many thanks go to Bill for coming along and sharing so informatively.
Meantime, Fiona Campbell is having ongoing chats with OHS teachers, developing the future Club H2O programme. Currently in the pipeline..... St. Andrews event, Christmas pensioners treat at OHS, Rogers and Hammerstein performance and highlights from the shows....yes, meets have been with Home Economics and Performing Arts!
Watch this space for regular Intergenerational updates.

Forgiving is Good for Your Health!

Chaplaincy Assembly Week at Oban High School has been considering the importance of Forgiveness as part of our overall well-being.
The Chaplaincy team asked pupils and staff from Oban High School's 'Clans' to consider aspects of forgiveness from the Bible and also from Desmond Tutu's experiences in pre- and post- apartheid South Africa. Most importantly, how the South African nation responded in the times after Nelson Mandela's release alongside the rapid move to democracy.
In true Tutu style, the assemblies ended with the thought that 'forgiveness is good for your health'
In closing, all gathered were invited to consider personally who they might forgive and who they might say sorry to.

Zoooom! - ing ahead in Photoshop

It's all very well taking hundreds, nay, thousands of pictures in the times of digital imagery, but it's even better if you can learn how to make your shots closer to 'perfecto' in times of digital imagery. That's exactly what the H2O Zoooom!-ers have been up to the last couple of sessions. Seeking the skills to produce that emotion-wrenching, story-telling picture, the group have been suitably guided around the tools and functions by ace-volunteer, local photographer, Cameron Harris. Bit-by-bit, Zoooom! are becoming gifted image-makers in their different fields of interest, be it close-up macro, action sport and theatre or lively landscapes.
Watch this space for updates as the group prepare for a Glasgow-bound photo adventure over the rapidly-approaching mid-term break.

Decisions, Decisions with SSC Seniors

Its not so long ago since 'Seniors' of the SSC, S4-S6 pupils, got together in Perthshire, The Stanley Nairne Centre, to consider 'What makes a good SSC Leader?' and to investigate the requirements for a confident and well-presented high school presentation.
Guided by SSC Training Cooordinator Meggan Jamieson, weekend 'campers' were asked to compare 'celebrities' talents as to SSC suitability. Included were Alex Salmond, Kerry Catona, Barack Obama and Cheryl Cole. Interesting chat followed. Interesting and challenging were further conversations around high school presentations as many of the seniors accepted the challenge to deliver this coming season's talks to younger pupils all over Scotland. Much fun and serious chat was had and all are now looking forward to the challenge ahead.