Hope 2 Oban

Friday, 27 April 2012

Xplore get on their bikes

Xplore took time away from The Well recently to 'test run' the round-the-loch cycle route that GFG will be taking for their fund-raising cycle in June. A superb evening was made even more fun as the merry band came across a loch-side room set out for picnics at Port Creran. There may well be a few 'tyred' muscles today, but not enough to wipe the smiles off of happy faces. A big thank you to Smiddy for bringing his expertise to the evening.

Gfg 'face' the facts with alter-egos!

What are we talking about? Well, several of the Tuesday night GFG group decide to have a go at re-shaping their faces but then decided the masks had to go! Meanwhile, others made themselves some plastercine 'alter-egos'. This was also an opportunity for the team to do something to Ewen that they've hoped to do for a long time - keep him quiet! With all this chat of masks and alter-egos, a chat around who we are and who God is followed on, interspersed with pizza and juice. A good fun evening all round!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Xplore Xtra 3.0 - Dunoon!

The latest Xplore Xtra was hosted by the Sanctuary Youth Group in Dunoon, with folks gathering from Luing, Kinlochleven, Oban and of course, Dunoon.
Through music, video, photography and food, Easter was celebrated in style with group members reflecting on what it might have been like to hang out with Jesus! Thank you's to Dunoon for hospitality and hosting us overnight.
Xplore Xtra provisional dates - End April / Ardrishaig, End May/ Luing!

Easter Freedom at Oban High School

On the last day of the school term the Chaplaincy Team shared a theme of Easter Freedom with pupils at Oban High School. Over the four assembly times, pupils discovered more about past slavery, considering Wilberforce and his battle to abolish slavery in the British Empire. Present-day slavery was highlighted, with the shocking reality that there are currently 27,000,000 slaves in our world. Pupils were finally challenged to consider how 'slavery' might actually be an aspect of our own lives, through bullying, peer-pressure, debt, poverty, addictions and other challenging aspects of our world today.
A presentation of Christian aspects and responses to slavery were shared, with the Gospel message of Jesus and his freeing love displayed through a mime performed by members of GFG (the H2O midweek Christian faith exploration groups for P7-S4 pupils).
A big 'Thank You' and 'Well Done' to GFG for boldy performing in front of their peers!
Happy Easter to all from Hope 2 Oban!

We are honoured and humbled.

The Oban High School fund-raising committee, run by S6 students, recently intimated to the H2O workers that they would like to use a week of assemblies to raise awareness of the work of Hope 2 Oban and to fund-raise throughout the week on behalf of H2O. Fund-raising took the form of talent-show auditions on Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes, culminating in the Talent Show on the Thursday evening. (although Rachel, Katie and Ewen did audition, attempts to make it through to the actual show were sadly unsuccessful!)
We at Hope 2 Oban are truly humbled and honoured that the pupils have made this decision. Thank you.

Hope 2 Oban locked in with OHS S1's at Lock-in number 8

It's over a week ago that around 150 S1 pupils were joined by S6 students, the H2O team and volunteers from Oban Youth Cafe, The SSC, OHS Staff, the SRU Rugby Development Team, Community Police and the tremendous Atlantis Leisure Team for the eighth through-the-night Lock-in.

Mass Zumba, Big-screen Cinema, Continuous Crafts,Super-splash Swimming and the Lost-city Challenge kept the 'residents' busy for the 10-hour bonanza, from 10pm on the Friday night until 8am on the sunny, fresh-aired Saturday morning.

Our BIG thanks go to the local businesses Cafe Atlantis, Breckenridge, Bookers and Jacksons for their supporter for this event. A special thank you to the Atlantis Leisure team of the evening!