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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sad But Happy - The Final Stramash Session with Glencruitten Hostel

 Well, sadly last night was the last in a series of Stramash sessions for the young folk from Glencruitten Hostel. However, what a lot of fun!
First, a wee den building competition, followed by making fire!
The dens were judged on structure, survivability and mod-cons. The results were VERY close and as the pictures show, astounding dwellings were created with en-suite facilities and natural seating in abundance.  The evening's architecture was closely followed by a first-class lesson in fire starting, with Brian giving the group all the tools required to build a roaring (and safe!) fire.
All in all a great evening, and a fun series of activities over the past four weeks. Big thanks go to Brian and Gordon of Stramash for their superb leadership, training and encouragement of the group, and H2O's thanks go to BBC Children in Need for providing the funding to make these activities possible.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Xploremore - mountainous challenges at Xplore

Xploremore - currently a bitty scary, but fun times all round
Creators in action
 It's a wee while since Xplore created those masks, but it has been decided to combine them to produce Mount Xploremore! Who knows how our extremely unique piece will end up?
Original mask night
 Alongside this crafty business, we're also looking through a series called Basic, by Francis Chan. Basic takes place over seven sessions, Fear God, Follow Jesus, Holy Spirit, Fellowship, Teaching, Prayer and Communion.  This all leads to good chat and challenge! Coming soon - return of Xplore Xtra!

An Overnight Island Adventure with GFG!

On the ferry......great excitement!

Tuesday night group GFG have just returned from an overnight island adventure on the tantalisingly close and yet wonderfully distant island of Kerrera.
Isn't it amazing just how much you can cram into just over 24 hours. During their island time, GFG'ers went on a mega 6 mile walk, taking in a welcome Bothy tea room refreshment stop and the rugged Gylen Castle. With loads of time for loads of games and challenges, the group crammed in twister, wooosh, snap, dominoes, charades, spoons, donkey, sleeping pong-gweens and so much more. After Saturday evening tea time, it was out and about again for the ever-popular 'Wavo' ! Ahhhh, so much fresh air!
Back to our dwelling, the old school house and there was time to ponder the day that had been, and over a hot chocolate, reflect on the importance of each individual (from OHS assembly chat previously that week) but crucially how that individuality was so important to the lives of others and that each has their part to play in the group, family, team, community or friendship.

Games time at the Old School
 Day 2, and it was time for a treasure hunt and the team anthems challenge (see clips below!), and within no time at all - home time!
Kerrera MoBo
Bothy Cuppa Time
So that was our overnight  adventure.

Such fun!

GFG, Games, Food and God, is for S1-S4 aged young people. If you know a young person who would like to know more about the group, please do get in touch.


We may all be diamonds in the rough, but......

Chaplaincy Assembly weeks at Oban High School are never boring and this past week was no exception. Through the week, pupils from Somerled, Ossian, Fingal and Diarmid were questioned and quizzed about their favourite Superheroes and challenged to work out who was who in a 'when they were young' picture quiz. Why? What was the point? Well, it was all to get folks thinking about the individual gifts and talents each of us has (hence, the illustration of the individually gifted Incredibles family above).

Recent Paralympic and Olympic 'heroes' were highlighted, with their sporting talents and specialities being noted and contrasted.

So, how did all this relate to the pupils of Oban High School? The Chaplaincy Team made the crucial point that each person in the assemblies was an individual, was unique and had value, indeed was like a diamond in the rough. Each had all the attributes of a beautiful diamond, but with rough edges to be worn down to one day discover the precious diamond underneath.
The final message from the assembly screen

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Ups and Downs of Rockclimbing

 That group of S1's from Glencruitten Hostel have been out and about with Stramash again, this time Rock Climbing and Abseiling. The 'Intrepids' took on their personal challenges on how high and whether or not to step over, with all achieving personal bests! Well done team! And, of course a big thank you to Gordon, our instructor from Stramash!

Piecing our Jigsaw together at GFG

 As ever, the new term with GFG (Games,|Food and God) has begun with the usual frenzy of activity. With 10-15 young folk gathering weekly, the current topic has been about exploring who God has made us to be and through getting to know others better, coming to know more of ourselves. Over the past couple of weeks , the group have been creating personalised jigsaw pieces which will come together to represent GFG.
Many of the group will be casting off on a weekend mini island adventure soon, so watch out for the updates of the fun and games that have gone on on Kerrera.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Get the point?

H2O Youth Worker Ewen joined 7 young folk from Glencruitten School Hostel on the latest outdoor activity led by 'Stramash'. Scary but fun as the Archers (cue for a tune!) grew in confidenve and proficiency in this the second of 4 outdoor sessions. Split into two teams, the balloon challenge created a wee bit of competition, with occasional trimming of the back green. Many thanks to Brian, our super archery coach. The team are looking forward to hanging about on the rocks next week as Abseiling becomes the next challenge.

Runnin', jumpin' and slidin'....Its all up in the air at Rock Solid

Rock Solid, the weekly lunchtime activity space at Oban High School, is well and truly back with a bang. We have been joined by many of the new S1 pupils who have come along to check it out and meet with other young folk from S2 - S4. Games withe the 'BIG BLUE BALL' remain top in the popularity stakes, with chariots and tray wars coming in at a close second. Over the weeks, the H2O Youth Work team of Rachel, Katie (ace volunteer)  and Ewen are meeting new faces and bit by bit remembering new names, beginning the important relational bit of our youth work. Splendid fun all round!