Hope 2 Oban

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Disco Fever @ the GFG Dance-off!

Never lacking in energy, the GFG troops nominated their favourite games for the evening recently, culminating in a Girls vs Boys dance-off.
Confidence in the ladies camp soon wained when the totally neutral judges awarded the coveted title of 'Dance-off Champions for the Night' to the boys.
GFG have also been taking time out to watch 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

S3 @ OHS - 'Faith Matters' Conference - 'Conflict Resolution'

This annual conference, one of a series of three (S1, S3 and S6), is coordinated by the H2O youth work team on behalf of Oban High School. Each of the 240 S3 pupils took part in three out of six workshops around the theme. Workshops included considerations around Bullying, Domestic Abuse, Conflict Resolution through Drama, The Battlefields of WW1 to the present day, Non-violent Direct Action and Conflict in Sport.
Pupils also spent reflective time within a “spiritual space” considering their own attitude to conflict resolution, personal, local and international.
The next of the series of conferences is held in December with S6 students as they explore different perspectives of Faith.

Crafty Xploring with 'Passion'

Xplore, the S5/S6 Thursday evening faith exploration group, are a creative lot! Whether with crafts or food, there's always something special going on.
Most recently, mask-making accompanied some good chat around 'what's next?' with a decision to take time to watch the BBC adaptation of The Passion (4 dramatic parts!) and to gather with similar groups of young folk from Cowal and Adrishaig for an overnight time to consider young folk and Christian faith journeys.

The October Holiday - Over so Soon! - 2 -SSC Argyll weekend to Dalguise

Mid October the time - Stanley Nairne Centre the place for the most recent SSC Argyll area weekend camp. Over the weekend a group of young folk from Oban, Lochgilphead and Tobermory rambled around The Hermitage at Dunkeld, created crafty puppets and took hide & seek to a new extreme level. A big thanks to all who came along, both campers and officers.
Next on th agenda for SSC and Argyll - Tobermory in February - Brrrrrr!

The October Holiday - Over so Soon! - 1 - Zoooom! to Kerrera

Yes, it was a wee while ago, but the holidays are well and truly over! But what a fun time some of the Zoooom! members had on Kerrera for the afternoon. First a very special visit to the Parrot Sanctuary (yes, you heard!) on the island. BIG thanks to Yvonne who took loads of time to show us around and meet all manner of feathered friends.
Next, a trek to Gylen Castle to the south of the island. Again, splendid fun.
Zoooom! are now busy in the studio with still life and photoshop, but keep watching this space......we're planning a trip to Glasgow to capture the Christmas lights!