Hope 2 Oban

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

H2O launch GFG on Tuesday evenings

GFG has arrived! ('Games Food and God' for the unititiated)
Tuesday evenings at The Well provide a place and space for P7's to S4's to come together, play together and discover more about Jesus, God and the Bible.
Times together are about fun, food and faith, starting at 7.30 until 9pm.
'Who did what where and when in the Bible?', 'What's it like to be a Christian at school?', 'What is a Christian, what is a Christian not?' and 'What about parents?' are some of the themes we'll be finding out more about over the coming months.
Watch this blog space for updates!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

H2O Xplore - The journey has begun

Xplore is a 16 week journey of exploration for Oban area young folk from S5 and S6.(16-17 yrs)
Core to Xplore is the opportunity to dig into the Christian faith, based on the questions raised by the Xplorers themselves. Alongside the faith aspect, Xplorers will also journey through aspects of identity, community and creativity.
The Xplore season began with an extended 'through-the-night' session at the Well from 10.30pm until 7.30am the next morning. The time began with social chill time, and moved into story-telling, the creative way. Paint, clay, woodwork and IT were used by the Xplorers to create visual representations of their life-stories.
An extended 'Nooma' dvd gave the Xplorers the opportunity to consider belief in God, and to start to dig into the Good News message of Jesus, a message of hope and love.
Post-Nooma, Xplorers took time to describe their story creations with each other and continue the journey into the Christian faith.
Xplore now meets on Thursday evenings at The Well, eating together, and continuing on the journey of self-discovery , Christian faith discovery and finding out more about the Jesus factor in our lives.