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Thursday, 19 March 2009

The busy month of March - RO Conference for S1 students

At Oban High School on 13th March, S1 pupils were encouraged to 'Take Care' of themselves, their community and their world during their Religious Observance Conference.
Each pupil took part in 3 of the 10 workshops on offer as well as spending time together considering the world we live in and the effect we are having in that world.
Workshop hosts travelled from far and near and included the Red Cross Schools team and Women's Aid as well as more local representatives, both from the Oban area and the high school. Pupils from the ECO group also ran workshops throughout the conference.

The busy month of March - part 2

The TNT group have been busy again - this time taking up an invitation to the Oban War and Peace Museum which they visited on March 10th.
Museum hosts enthralled the group as some folks were able to point themselves out in photographs from 'some years ago', particularly Archie's picture as an Oban projectionist in his late teens.
A big thank you to the Museum team fron TNT. It was a night to remember.

March is a busy month......so far! Pathways Programme @ OHS

It's only just over half-way and the month of March has been more than a wee bit exciting!
H2O has been invited by Oban High School to take part in the Pathways programme for S6 students from August 2009. H2O will offer students 2 weekly opportunities from within a pool of options provided by a range of community partners.
Xplore will be a 16 week opportunity to explore the Christian faith alongside aspects of identity, groupwork, creation, community, challenges, creativity and surprises. Each participant will be assigned a mentor to encourage them on this journey of discovery.
H2O will also be offering Club H2O, 8 week team programmes, whereby students can embark on a short-term community project alongside senior citizens and care professional from within the community.
Both are exciting and challenging opportunities for S6 students and indications are that both options will be well attended. Watch the H2O Blog for updates.