Hope 2 Oban

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

SSC and H2O clowning around on the beach in Mull - IN WINTER!

Some would say we're mad (and we are!), but 26 young folk and leaders from Oban, Lochgilphead recently joined friends in Tobermory for the SSC area 'camp', based at Tobermory Youth Hostel.
The weekends weather was actually superb, with the exception of Saturday afternoon as the group boldly travelled for the almost traditional visit to Calgary Bay, which was all going well until the snowstorm began and the Bay cleared.
Clowning was also the order of the day for the group who spent time at Mull Theatre learning how to be clowns (yes, it was easier for some more than others!).
Saturday evening was spent at the Aros Hall getting to know even more young folk from 'Tob' hoping some will join the SSC summer extravaganza at Strun in July.
The fun-packed weekend was finished off with a relaxing swim and spa at the luxurious facility at Craignuire, before boarding the 'Isle of Mull' ferry back to Oban.
A big thanks to all for a fun-packed weekend - Coming soon - Easter Camp at Dalguise!!!

It's all a bit of a Drama at H2O's GFG Group

GFG (Games, Food and God), the Tuesday night group at H2O, are in the midst of 'checking out' the Christian faith, and some evenings, it's all a bit of a drama!
As can be seen from the skit pictures above, t-towel outfits set the scene as the group acted out the story of Zaccheus, the formerly nasty tax-collector, transfromed by the love and acceptance of Jesus.
The group of P7's - S4's have spent recent weeks following the multi-media 'Check-it-out' course with sessions on Who am I? - Who are they? - What's my choice? - What do I believe? - and Where do I go?
The six-session course concludes with the question What now? after which the group will continue to discover more of what it means to be a Christian and to follow Jesus.
GFG meet at the well on Tuesday evenings from 7.30 - 9pm.