Hope 2 Oban

Friday, 10 July 2009

H2O joins SSC for the 2009 season of summer camps

It all kicked off with SSC last weekend at Struan. 'Advanced Guard', the biggest ever, welcomed 40 seniors to a very special field in Perthshire to set up the camp.
2 massive marquees, many troop tents, luscious loos, pit-digging opportunities and massive dish-washing sessions all added to the fun challenges interspersed with Struan Cinema, Sing-song and the first visit to Pitlochry of the season.
H2O Youth Workers Ewen Munro and Rachel Stanfield, added to the programme by hosting 'Chat Space', a daily opportunity to consider some life-issues including identity, love and faith.
Advanced Guard will be closely followed by the mixed camps, 1 and 2, with close to 300 young people from all over Scotland taking part.
For further information on the SSC, a club for the youth of Scotland, check out www.thessc.org

Thursday, 2 July 2009

SPACEFISH - The Tralee Adventure

SPACEFISH, the monthly Christian youth gathering for older teens, would normaly get together for pizza, hot-chocolate and lots of music, video and chat at The Well. Not so for our (yet another!) end-of-term thing.

Tralee Beach by Benderloch, was the scene for BBQ, games, music and water-stuff. With the midge count down and the BBQ's up, fun was had all round.
A certain member of the H2O youth work team, convinced his weight would be an advantage, was noted as coming 2nd in the zip-wire race. (re-match please!)
'Normally', SPACEFISH meets on the last Friday of the month, at The Well, from 7-9pm for food, fellowship and fun, music, video, chat and lashings of hot chocolate!
For further details, please contact ewen@hope2oban.org.uk
Our next get-togethr will be in September '09, possibly sooner. Watch the H2O blog for further updates.

Island Girls vs Callander Girls

It may not be premier league yet, but it was fun. Hope 2 Oban and Callander Youth Project recently worked together to create the setting for high school girls from the islands of Mull, Lismore, Coll and Iona to play football against the girls' team linked to CYP, from Callander and the surrounding rural areas.
Although the Islands team were first to score, Callander, with a wee bit more match experience, went on to win, the Islands scoring 3 and Callander Girls, a few more.
(according to the post-match report at Glencruitten Hostel, weekday home of the Island Girls, the final score was a respectable 5-3)
Much celebration took place post-match, with all involved receiving medals and Callander Girls lifting the trophy.
A great big thanks to all involved. We can't wait for the re-match, to be held in Oban, hopefully soon!

Club H2O - Ganavan picnic for the elderly

Club H2O, the intergenerational aspect of Hope 2 Oban, had its own 'end-of-term' time together at Ganavan sands recently. Local senior citizens gathered together for tea and cakes, provided by volunteers and served by Oban High School pupils. A splendid time was had by all.
Club H2O meets on Thursdays during the school term times and is held at the H2O centre, The Well, from 2- 3.30 pm.
If you know of elderly folk who would like to attend, please contact Denise Glancy, H2O Youth Worker, on  01631 564 239, or at denise@hope2oban.org.uk 
(Transport can be arranged to get folks to and from the club) 

TNT - End of Term Kerrera Adventure

It was a hot summer evening when four of the TNT group headed off towards Kerrera for a BBQ adventure, only to be distracted by -------!!!!! DOLPHINS!!!!!!
Yes, we 'swam' with dolphins in Oban Bay (sort of!) Such excitement all round.
And so off to Kerrera, just over the water from Oban.
BBQ eaten, some went for a swim, some took photos, some just chilled, but fun was had all round.
That was the final TNT get-together of the term, and we look forward to discovering what's in the pipeline for the group when we the autumn season looms closer.
A big THANK YOU to Mr M for taking us in his rib on the evening.