Hope 2 Oban

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

BBQ Time and a special visit to Kilmore

It's that end of term time and that can mean only one thing......BBQ season!!!! Braving the possibility of midges, of which there were none, Xplore and GFG made their way to Kilmore, with the promise of a fine BBQ at the home of our friends, the Clunies. Following on from the feeding frenzy, an impromptu  adventure was suggested and duly undertaken.....
For some, Kilmore waterfall hadn't even registered on their radar. So, when we arrived there were a few gasps, and suggestions that this special place should be included somewhere in the Lord of the Rings stories.
Of course, there are always some who lower the tone of any good adventure, and sadly, there was a brief 'selfy' interlude. Anyway, we soon got over that and continued to marvel at the 'special place'. A big thank you goes to Roy & Liz for allowing us to invade their garden.