Hope 2 Oban

Friday, 7 October 2011

Decisions, Decisions with SSC Seniors

Its not so long ago since 'Seniors' of the SSC, S4-S6 pupils, got together in Perthshire, The Stanley Nairne Centre, to consider 'What makes a good SSC Leader?' and to investigate the requirements for a confident and well-presented high school presentation.
Guided by SSC Training Cooordinator Meggan Jamieson, weekend 'campers' were asked to compare 'celebrities' talents as to SSC suitability. Included were Alex Salmond, Kerry Catona, Barack Obama and Cheryl Cole. Interesting chat followed. Interesting and challenging were further conversations around high school presentations as many of the seniors accepted the challenge to deliver this coming season's talks to younger pupils all over Scotland. Much fun and serious chat was had and all are now looking forward to the challenge ahead.