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Monday, 31 December 2012

Oban High School Christmas Service 2012

This year's Oban High School Christmas service provided an opportunity for those gathered to consider the loving message of Christmas. Alongside carols, music from pupils and Christmas Bible readings, pupils and staff had been asked on video what they loved about Christmas. The time together was brought to focus when H2O youth worker Rachel shared a short and powerful message around the 'Power of Love', and how transformational the notion of loving those we struggle to love can be. 


Party, Party, Party Season.......with Hope 2 Oban

Tuesday - GFG Party Time
Yes indeed, the lead up to the Christmas holidays was party time all round. GFG spent Tuesday evening togther in party mode, with some posh nosh around the table and some specially selected silly games.....Chubby Bunnies, Musical Chairs and the ever-popular Christmas Dance-off.
Wednesday - OHS Senior Jingles
By Wednesday evening it was time for the OHS Senior Jingles Dance, with Rachel and Ewen joining S3 and up enjoying a truly festive dance and social time. Some extremely smart ladies and gentlemen boogied on down as the week before Christmas moved on.
Thursday/1  - Xplore celebrate the season in style
Thursday evening brought a bit of a double-whammy in the celebration stakes. Xplore and members of the H2O Youth Team gathered for a celebration meal where 'Secret Santa' gifts mysteriously reached their rightful owners. A fine and delicious time had by all, the gathering moved on together to the NEXT gathering at the Oban Chocolate Factory........
Thursday/ 2 - Christmas and Chocolate....mmmmm!
....and at The Chocolate Factory, apart from the many chocoloate opportunities, was a seasonal time to celebrate Christmas through carols and some warm reflections around the Christmas season.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Meeting the Neighbours at Christmas with Glencruitten Hostel

Meeting the neighbours has never been so much fun. The pupils and staff of Glencruitten Hostel recently invited the Glencruitten neighbourhood residents to join them for their Christmas 2012 party. Ther was fine food, music and dance, games and prizes as old and young joined in the fun. 
In the lead up to the evening, the H2O team had worked closely with all at the hostel to coordinate the event, which alternates bi-annually with the summertime BBQ and ceilidh.
Games for this occasion included the ever-popular team Snowman Building, Turkey Trot and the ever-popular Sleigh Races.
The evening was finished off by a visit from a plump chap dressed in red bearing gifts for everyone (no, it was not Ewen Munro from H2O!) 
Big thanks go to all who took part in the preparations and to everyone for having such fun in taking part..... Merry Christmas to all in Glencruitten from Hope 2 Oban!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Xploremore reaches new heights!

Adding some final touches before raising the roof!
Team effort!
It has taken a wee while, but Mount Xploremore is finally finished and and in place at The Well. Members of Xplore were heard to say, 'Let's face it, we have worked on this mountainous project for quite some time, but there's a time and a place for everything, and 2012 was definitely a time for Xplore to reach new heights!'
So, Mount Xploremore, with its multiple identities, is now mounted as high as was possible at The Well. Watch out for it if you're visiting.
A bit scary?? (Certainly a bit orange!)

Nativity Xtrafactor - Mary, Joseph, Herod,Wise Man and Angel appear live at The Well!

Wise Man and Angel interviewed
As a follow-on from a recent premiere viewing of 'The Nativity' with GFG, live interviews took place with key characters from the story. Interview ace Rachel quizzed these leading lights about how it really was for all concerned on that special night in Bethlehem. As the studion audience watch on, there were gasps and 'Awwwwws!' as well as boos for Herod (who really was not very pleasant at all). After the live show, audience and partcipants alike had the opportunity to re-watch the live recording over a juice and pizza, with time to plan a bit for the Christmas Party coming soon (posh frocks at the ready!)
The Crowd - entranced by proceedings!
Just how far did that Wise Man travel?

Strangers in the Night.....Zoooom! style

It may well be December and a little chilly for many, however, not for the Zoooomers! who were out and about with the cameras and tripods recently to snap away. Night shots of Oban Bay, and the seasonal decorations made for a super time, (if not a little fresh!), closely followed by hot chocolate back at The Well. Following the excitement and success of the ARGYLL exhibition, Zoooom!'s pre-Christmas season of snapping is rapidly drawing to close. However, the group have already got their collective heads together to come up with some new and exciting photo-projects for 2013. Watch this space for some of the results in the new year!