Hope 2 Oban

Saturday, 28 November 2009

First meeting of JiM @ Oban High School

As part of H2O's campaign to raise awareness and much-needed funding for the work, the group known as JiM, short for 'Jayne in Malawi', has been formed to support the work of former OHS Librarian Jayne Powers. Jayne now lives and works in Kasungu, and plans to be part of the catalyst to build a much-needed school nearby in Dzuwa.
Pictured above are some of the members of the JiM group at our recent first meeting, proudly displaying some of the gifts for children and young people in Malawi. These were kindly given by pupils and staff from Oban High School further to assemblies focussing on Jayne's work were presented to all year-groups by Rachel and Ewen.
JiM's first task is to work out how to get these gifts to Jayne in Kasungu.
In the near future, within a fortnight, the group hope to meet with Fletcher Matandika of Joy to the World Ministries, the organisation that Jayne is working for. It is hoped that this opportunity will give the group further insight to Malawi and to just what the real needs are, and how both communities can learn from each other.
Watch this space for updates on JiM

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

SSC Argyll area weekend to Dalguise, Perthshire

Young folk from Oban, Lochgilphead and Tobermory spent an action-packed weekend with the SSC and H2O youth workers Rachel and Ewen.
Slightly silly games, dance competitions, Struan Cinema and the SSC tradition of 'sing-song' were just some of the activities.
A Saturday trip to 'Sensation' science centre in Dundee gave the 'campers' the opportunity to discover more of the science of the senses, with 'Mindball' being the main attraction. Competitors challenged each other to find out whose brain could demonstrate the least activity to win. With Ewen demolishing Rachel's attempts, he is still trying to work out who really won the competition!!(bless).

Thursday, 12 November 2009

'Check it Out' with H2O at Oban High School

What a week it's been so far, and it's not over yet. On Sunday 8th November H2O were joined by the 'Check It Out' team, part of the Essex-based 'Viz-a-Viz Ministries', for a week-long visit to Oban. So far the team have lead year-group assemblies, jammed with the 'Higher Music' group, performed at lunchtimes and lead interactive RME classes on everything from ponderings on creation to the basis of their Christian faith.

As the week sadly draws to a close, the team have spent this Thursday evening performing to 130-plus pupils at the 2-hour gig, with an invitation to find out more about Jesus, to check Him out.

The week ends with the team leading workshops at the S3 'Faith Matters' conference on Conflict Resolution, where they will host two of the ten conference workshops.

Coordinated by H2O, the team's visit to Oban has been organised in conjunction with Scripture Union Scotland, with prayerful and financial support from Oban churches.