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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Take one floor and a bunch of photographic loons!

 Zoooom! were up to all sorts of nonsense recently when they decided to create some photographic illusions. All of the pictures were taken from above as various folks posed creatively around the floor below...or did they!

Perspectives on Faith with S6 OHS pupils

OHS pupils and guests at the S6 'Faith Perspectives' Conference recently held at SAMS, Dunstaffnage.
A select gathering of S6 students from Oban High School were recently joined by folks from all over Scotland representing a variety of faith and belief perspectives. Hosts perspectives included Christian, Humanist, Islamic and Jewish as well as an inter-faith outlook.
All students attended all six workshops for questions and chat, culminating in a time of reflection and review together.
Finn gives a vote of thanks
 The conference was co-organised by Ewen Munro and S6 student Finn Walton, and a great big thank you must go to Finn for all his hard work leading up to and during the event. A big thanks also goes to our workshop hosts and those who provided hospitality during the hosts' stay in the area.
One of the six workshops of the conference

SUPERHERO come to Oban

As part of their national 'Battle for Your Soul' tour, four-piece Christian band Superhero spent time in Oban on 21st February. The day was spent in Oban High School, taking part in classes and performing a lunchtime gig.
 Having chilled and chatted with Xplore over a splendid baked potato or two for tea, the band set off to perform their evening concert, again in the high school. Splendid soloist/ guitarist Leia Harris shared six songs as the support act for the chaps, and a great big thank you to Leia for performing so well and at short notice.

For the next hour or so, the Superhero chaps gave fine performances of their repertoire, interspersed with Tim sharing a little of his passion for the international children's charity 'Compassion' and Johnny sharing a little of his faith story with the gathering.
 BIG thank you to the chaps of SUPERHERO for coming to Oban, and we look forward to welcoming them back in the future.

GFG - Young People with Characters!

Samuel's mother was a strange woman!
 Re-capping Old Testament stories from weeks gone by, GFG recently had such a lot of fun re-enacting the stories of Samuel, Ruth and Moses.
A sad moment for Ruth!
Members of the group were joined by the H2O team, with a certain Mr Munro taking on the part of young Samuel's mother, Mrs Smith as the Burning Bush and Mr Henry in the short but crucial (if not terribly happy) role of a dying spouse.
And that Bush just keeps on burning!
3 teams drew lots to discover which story they had to re-enact, with 10 minutes to prepare a 2 minute performance - and what a performance! Such fun! GFG will soon be moving in to explore the character of David and the ups and downs of his life. Watch this space to find out how it all goes.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Zoooom- Zoooom! - Mini studios for the new year!

It may be dark and dreich outside, but that hasn't stopped Zoooom!, our creative photospace for young folk, getting on with the picture taking. Mini studios were recently set up all over The Well, with splendid results.
With craft cupboards and the kitchen raided for anything and everything that could be photographed, the group had a whole load of fun, under the watchful eye of Cameron and Ewen. 
Coming soon - the group are working towards their next head-to-head with Oban Camera Club, which comes hot on the heels of a trip to Glasgow to visit the Glasgow Science Centre and hopefully a jaunt to Pollock Park to answer the eternal question, "What is a Burrell?"