Hope 2 Oban

Friday, 7 October 2011

Zoooom! - ing ahead in Photoshop

It's all very well taking hundreds, nay, thousands of pictures in the times of digital imagery, but it's even better if you can learn how to make your shots closer to 'perfecto' in times of digital imagery. That's exactly what the H2O Zoooom!-ers have been up to the last couple of sessions. Seeking the skills to produce that emotion-wrenching, story-telling picture, the group have been suitably guided around the tools and functions by ace-volunteer, local photographer, Cameron Harris. Bit-by-bit, Zoooom! are becoming gifted image-makers in their different fields of interest, be it close-up macro, action sport and theatre or lively landscapes.
Watch this space for updates as the group prepare for a Glasgow-bound photo adventure over the rapidly-approaching mid-term break.