Hope 2 Oban

Friday, 30 January 2009

Hope 2 Oban and OHS in partnership with Malawi Christain initiative

Jayne Powers, currently Librarian at Oban High School, is off to Malawi in July 09 as part of 'Joy to the World Ministries'.
As she says in her recent communication with local churches,
"We (JTWM) are about to embark upon upon a new and exciting journey of faith; we are working to set up a secondary school in Dzuwa Village, together with a Christian book/ coffee shop and Internet Cafe in the nearby town of Kasunga.
Oban High School and H2O will be our partners on this journey of faith and we would like to extend an invitation to the communities of Oban and the surrounding areas to join us. This project has the potential to transform the lives of people in a very poor area of the world but need help to turn the dream into a reality."

Books, books, books.
The need is for good quality second hand books, both for the school and for the Christian Book Shop. If you have any, these can be handed in to Oban High School or local churches.
Oban High School have started collecting, and a very excited team of pupils took part in a recent launch at the high school. (see picture above with Jayne centre, back row)
H2O will be one of Jayne's ongoing communication channels and prayerful links with Oban High School and the churches when she is in Malawi, and who knows, exchange visits may be closer than we all think for the young folk of Oban and Dzuwa!!
Watch this space and 'Source' for updates

Monday, 26 January 2009

The Team go to Aviemore - Deep Impact 2009

What a splendid weekend of meeting friends, making new aquaintances, praising God and being equipped! Deep Impact, the Scottish Christian Youth Workers event was, yet again, so worthwhile.
Highlight of the weekend for all delegates who attended must have been Denise and Ann's rendition of 'The Moon of Love', (previously made popular by Showaddywaddy) and ably assisted in the bass/ percussion department by yours truly - what a treat for all and well worth the embaressment! (or was it?)
Lots of folk (350 plus attending!), all doing lots of work to further the Lord's Kingdom work in Scotland. To all Christian youth workers and volunteers out there, if you ain't been, try very hard to get there next year.

Friday, 23 January 2009

New blog

Welcome to our new look website, and our new blog!