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Friday, 14 December 2012

Nativity Xtrafactor - Mary, Joseph, Herod,Wise Man and Angel appear live at The Well!

Wise Man and Angel interviewed
As a follow-on from a recent premiere viewing of 'The Nativity' with GFG, live interviews took place with key characters from the story. Interview ace Rachel quizzed these leading lights about how it really was for all concerned on that special night in Bethlehem. As the studion audience watch on, there were gasps and 'Awwwwws!' as well as boos for Herod (who really was not very pleasant at all). After the live show, audience and partcipants alike had the opportunity to re-watch the live recording over a juice and pizza, with time to plan a bit for the Christmas Party coming soon (posh frocks at the ready!)
The Crowd - entranced by proceedings!
Just how far did that Wise Man travel?