Hope 2 Oban

Sunday, 16 September 2012

We may all be diamonds in the rough, but......

Chaplaincy Assembly weeks at Oban High School are never boring and this past week was no exception. Through the week, pupils from Somerled, Ossian, Fingal and Diarmid were questioned and quizzed about their favourite Superheroes and challenged to work out who was who in a 'when they were young' picture quiz. Why? What was the point? Well, it was all to get folks thinking about the individual gifts and talents each of us has (hence, the illustration of the individually gifted Incredibles family above).

Recent Paralympic and Olympic 'heroes' were highlighted, with their sporting talents and specialities being noted and contrasted.

So, how did all this relate to the pupils of Oban High School? The Chaplaincy Team made the crucial point that each person in the assemblies was an individual, was unique and had value, indeed was like a diamond in the rough. Each had all the attributes of a beautiful diamond, but with rough edges to be worn down to one day discover the precious diamond underneath.
The final message from the assembly screen