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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Zoooming! around Edinburgh

On a splendid day at the end of May, Ewen and keen photographing volunteer Cameron Harris, zoomed off to Edinburgh with members of Zoooom!. The National Museum of Scotland was our first port of call to experience the fine collection displayed at Chamber Street. 
Having spent a considerable time photographing artifacts, models, stars & planets, dinosaurs and the general awesomeness of the interior, it was time for lunch and a quick jaunt around the capital to our next port of call, The Royal Botanical Gardens. What an array of splendidness, with temperatures reach 'awfully hot' in some of the glass houses and shutters clicking away. Such fun!
At the end of the day, of course, there was only one thing left to do.....the traditional McDonalds visit (other Burger selling establishments are available!).
All in all a jolly good day, with talk of possible return visits at some time. 
Thanks to all who took part and here's to a wonderfully good photographic summer for all!