Hope 2 Oban

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Another Day, Another Cafe!

Further to Conversation Cafe's 1 and 2, H2O have continued to gather with young folks of Oban High School, meeting for Cafe Number 3 at The Well, base of H2O. Prior to the event, a mini-transformation of the premises took place using a team of interior designers, employing top cake-makers and making use of a coffee machine to die for. But seriously, we did our best to create a cafe ambiance, we were the grateful recipients of some tremendous cakes (thank you cake volunteers) and a special thanks goes to a certain head teacher for a loan of a splendid coffee maker.
Meanwhile, the Cafe Chat was splendid, around 'Memorable Moments' and 'Bucket Lists', the minds were temporarily drawn from exam/ revision stress AND we all enjoyed The Well in Cafe mode.
Our plan is to meet once more in June prior to the summer break and hope to continue Conversation Cafe in the Autumn after the summer break. Here's some feedback from Conversation Cafe participants about what's been good so far.....
·         Free expression. Good chat. No judgement. Fun!
·         Making friends/ Something to get excited about during the week/ Helps with my social anxiety.
·         It’s great to find people that have the same and different thoughts/ it makes for good convo!