Hope 2 Oban

Friday, 27 February 2015

Conversation Cafe Premiere with Hope 2 Oban

Take one very classy Chocolate Shop Cafe, twenty-something young folk, hot drinks and cake! What have you got? The ideal setting for a Conversation Cafe!
Hope 2 Oban recently held its first Conversation Cafe within a wee trial run of two, whereby senior students from Oban High School were invited along to have a chat around, on this occasion, the topics of 'Social Media' and' What makes you happy?'.
What did the chocolate fans think? It was all good, with the chat going on for well over an hour and a gentle buzz of conversation hanging in the air in between satisfied sips of a variety of coffee and chocolate drinks.
We plan to gather again next month after which we'll have a wee review with the conversationalists and work out the way forward. For now, a very big thank you to Stuart and Helen at the Oban Chocolate Company for kindly hosting our two pilot events.
Here's to the next mocha!