Hope 2 Oban

Friday, 26 April 2013

There's been a 'murrdurr' at Xplore!

Taking a wee bit of time out from the current Alpha sessions, Xplore recently travelled to the world of Glencruitten House for a Murder/Mystery dinner.
Some extremely questionable characters turned up for the event including Salvador Dilly-Dally, Mae Vest and, well they were all a bit of a mystery!
Accompanied by a delicious dinner, the flamboyant fiends trawled through the 'facts' investigating each others' dodgy dealings and doings, until finally, after many accents and much finger-pointing, the murderer emerged. (da-da-daaaaaaaaa!)
BUT - we really can't spill the lasagne on this one just in case Taggart hears about it!
Thanks to all who took part and to the masterful chefs for a delicious meal. Next for Xplore.....Xplore Xtra with the Ardrishaig folks coming very soon!